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Communication without barriers

Guarantee the success of your negotiation, presentation, meeting or international conference. Your interpreting team from Norbert Zšnker & Kollegen will be there to help you every step of the way, providing an energetic and proficient service.

Whenever people from different language groups and cultures come together to plan collaborative projects and paths, interpreters play a decisive roll.

There is a range of factors which contribute to the success or failure of a meeting: good speakers, careful preparation of the theme, the right location, a suitable framework...

Norbert Zšnker & Kollegen make sure that the participants understand one another, so as not to lose that key element to the success of your event: Communication.

The possible types of interpreting are very distinct. Which one should be chosen in a specific instance and how many interpreters should be used to ensure smooth, efficient communication over the course of the proceedings depends on various factors: the nature and duration of the event, the number of languages, as well as the number of speakers and people in the audience for each language.

On the following pages you will find a brief introduction to the individual types of interpreting and fields of activity.

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